Weekly Reports!

Huzzah! Now you can opt-in to receive weekly reports about your progress on Mekice! This morning, we have released a new feature that enables weekly reports based on two things: sentiment from your journal entries, and symptom intensity from your quizzes. 


The journal analysis is done using the AFINN sentiment analysis algorithm. We basically take the text from your most recent weeks-worth of journal entries and then analyze each word individually. Then we create an approximation of what we think your sentiment might be. In the future, we can have additional machine learning based on user input.

The symptom intensity is done by analyzing your quiz results. Every time you have done a quiz, we take your answers and put them on a scale from 1 to 10. Then we average it out and the intensity score is created.

Finally, we’ve added some tips and tricks at the end of the report. We hope that these will help people be more successful in maintaining their good mental health.


Mekice Bot

Dear friends, I have an awesome announcement to make. We have launched a Facebook Messenger bot, aka Mekice Bot. Click the link to check it out.

Mekice bot offers two features for now:


The first feature is the ability to write journal entries from the Messenger app. No need to leave Facebook and go to our website, just do it in the breaks from talking with your friends! Pretty awesome, right? Journaling is an awesome tool for maintaining good mental health, and the easier it is to do, we believe, the better it gets! You can review your journal entries from the Mekice website, at www.mekice.com/journal


The second feature is quizzing about your health symptoms. It pretty much works like this – you first set up a list of your symptoms that you want to track at www.mekice.com/module, and then you can do a quiz every now and then using the Mekice Bot. Keeping track of your symptoms, we believe, can be beneficial for you.

Thank you for taking care of yourself.

With love,
Srecko Toroman
Founder of Mekice

Mekice FaceLift!

We’re working on a redesign of Mekice.

Changelist so far:

  • A cool background photo of the clouds.
  • Uninterrupted journaling screen – larger font, no toolbar – just text.
  • Instructions on the logged out homepage.
  • Simpler welcome screen on the logged in homepage.

Coming up next:

  • Tired of the cyan everywhere? We’re adding support for themes.
  • Forgetting to write your journal? We’re hacking on reminders.
  • Afraid to send your journal for analysis? We’re working on the self-analysis support.

Stay tuned.

Journal analysis

Our journal analysis is complete!

What is journal analysis? Basically, it goes like this.

1. Write

Writing journal entries is very good for you. It’s one of those things that are said to be good for you that you never do. In times of struggle though, writing can really be beneficial for you. Write down your thoughts and feelings.

Jake and I broke up yesterday. I will never find that someone who loves me. I’m a loser.

2. Analyze

We are working on a self analysis guidance. But for now, we’ll do the analysis for you. Just click the “Send for Analysis” button and off you go! Your journal entry will be read, anonymously, by a trained person. We will look for Cognitive Distortions in your thinking. These are basically thinking patterns that are unproductive, unrealistic, etc, and they share one thing in common – they make us feel bad. So we don’t want them.

3. Read

Once the analysis is complete, you will receive an email from us. Click the link in the email and you will end up on an analysis report. We’ll show you each sentence from your journal entry where we have identified a Cognitive Distortion. Read these carefully.

I will never find that someone who loves me. – Fortune Telling


I’m a loser. – Labeling

4. Change

Finally, it’s up to you to change your thinking patterns once you spot the distortions. How? We’ll give you some examples here. Instead of saying you will never find someone who loves you, you could say something like:

I will most likely find someone who I can love and loves me.

We’ve completely turned it around. In the second example, instead of labeling yourself as a loser, you could just state the facts in a non judgmental way, something like this:

I’m single at the moment, but I’ll use that time to prepare myself for my next relationship.

Hopefully, you feel better as a result of that exercise. Happy writing 🙂

Goals, Objectives and Activities

Mekice Inc might provide all or some of the following tools:

  • Diagnostic tools for detection of depression, anxiety, schizophrenia.
  • Symptom management and crisis tools.
  • Suicide prevention hotline.
  • Registry of therapists, psychiatrists and treatment facilities.

Mekice Inc might participate in following activities:

  • Breaking the mental health stigma.
  • Attending conferences on mental health and mental illness.
  • Organizing live events such as public testing.

Mekice Inc has the following (2 year) goals/objectives:

  • To help 100k people use the diagnostic tools for their mental health by the end of 2018.
  • To help 100k monthly active people maintaining their mental health by the end of 2018.