Weekly Reports!

Huzzah! Now you can opt-in to receive weekly reports about your progress on Mekice! This morning, we have released a new feature that enables weekly reports based on two things: sentiment from your journal entries, and symptom intensity from your quizzes. 


The journal analysis is done using the AFINN sentiment analysis algorithm. We basically take the text from your most recent weeks-worth of journal entries and then analyze each word individually. Then we create an approximation of what we think your sentiment might be. In the future, we can have additional machine learning based on user input.

The symptom intensity is done by analyzing your quiz results. Every time you have done a quiz, we take your answers and put them on a scale from 1 to 10. Then we average it out and the intensity score is created.

Finally, we’ve added some tips and tricks at the end of the report. We hope that these will help people be more successful in maintaining their good mental health.


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