Mekice Bot

Dear friends, I have an awesome announcement to make. We have launched a Facebook Messenger bot, aka Mekice Bot. Click the link to check it out.

Mekice bot offers two features for now:


The first feature is the ability to write journal entries from the Messenger app. No need to leave Facebook and go to our website, just do it in the breaks from talking with your friends! Pretty awesome, right? Journaling is an awesome tool for maintaining good mental health, and the easier it is to do, we believe, the better it gets! You can review your journal entries from the Mekice website, at


The second feature is quizzing about your health symptoms. It pretty much works like this – you first set up a list of your symptoms that you want to track at, and then you can do a quiz every now and then using the Mekice Bot. Keeping track of your symptoms, we believe, can be beneficial for you.

Thank you for taking care of yourself.

With love,
Srecko Toroman
Founder of Mekice

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