Journal analysis

Our journal analysis is complete!

What is journal analysis? Basically, it goes like this.

1. Write

Writing journal entries is very good for you. It’s one of those things that are said to be good for you that you never do. In times of struggle though, writing can really be beneficial for you. Write down your thoughts and feelings.

Jake and I broke up yesterday. I will never find that someone who loves me. I’m a loser.

2. Analyze

We are working on a self analysis guidance. But for now, we’ll do the analysis for you. Just click the “Send for Analysis” button and off you go! Your journal entry will be read, anonymously, by a trained person. We will look for Cognitive Distortions in your thinking. These are basically thinking patterns that are unproductive, unrealistic, etc, and they share one thing in common – they make us feel bad. So we don’t want them.

3. Read

Once the analysis is complete, you will receive an email from us. Click the link in the email and you will end up on an analysis report. We’ll show you each sentence from your journal entry where we have identified a Cognitive Distortion. Read these carefully.

I will never find that someone who loves me. – Fortune Telling


I’m a loser. – Labeling

4. Change

Finally, it’s up to you to change your thinking patterns once you spot the distortions. How? We’ll give you some examples here. Instead of saying you will never find someone who loves you, you could say something like:

I will most likely find someone who I can love and loves me.

We’ve completely turned it around. In the second example, instead of labeling yourself as a loser, you could just state the facts in a non judgmental way, something like this:

I’m single at the moment, but I’ll use that time to prepare myself for my next relationship.

Hopefully, you feel better as a result of that exercise. Happy writing 🙂

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